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Please familiarise yourself with the terminology hairdressing equipment. 

Terminology to be used for each piece of equipment. 

Large Bristle Brush.

Medium Ceramic Brush.

Small Ceramic Brush.

Denman Brush.

Vent Brush.

Paddle Brush.

Afro comb.

Taper comb.

Cutting comb.

Basin comb.

Tail comb.

texturizing scissors (also known as thinning scissors).

5.5” cutting scissors.

Blow dryer.



Butterfly clip.

Fringe pin.


Bobby pin.

Various sizes and colour bobby pins.

Pin curl clips.

Disposable cutthroat razor.

Shaping razor.

Sectioning clip.

Classic neck brush.


Contemporary neck brush.

Setting roller.

Velcro roller.

Hot roller.

Tinting ball and Tinting brush.

electric clippers, with attachments.

Small trimming, electric clippers.

Professional hair curlers.

hair straighteners

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