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French Roll

SHBHDES004 Create Classic Long Hair Up Styles




  1. Prepare trolley with necessary equipment for service:

Sectioning Clips/Butterfly Clips, Bobby pins, Hair Dryer, Round Brush, Tail Comb, Back-Comb, Styling Lotion, Volumising Lotion, Hair Spray (Mannequin Head & Clamp are required for practical work)

  1. Seat client at basin ensuring they are comfortable.

  1. Shampoo hair twice & condition hair for service.

  1. Towel dry client’s hair and comb through prior to taking client back to station.

  1. Protect client’s clothing by placing a towel around shoulders and secure with a butterfly clip.

  1. Prepare client’s hair with the appropriate styling product.

  1. Blow wave the hair straight with volume

  • Sections clean and straight. Remember your sections should be no wider than the brush you are using.

  • Blow wave each section using the nine step method of 3 up, 3 out and 3 down.

  • Blow wave 3 times up to create lift and smoothness from the roots.

  • Blow wave 3 times out to create body and straighten the mid-lengths.

  • Blow wave 3 times down to smooth and finish the ends.

  • Blow wave section once over – up, out and down from roots to ends continuously rolling
    the brush at ends to create a smooth finish.  Hair dryer must be parallel to brush and on top of brush to create a smooth finish.  Remember: High heat will mould the shape – Low heat will set the hair in the desired style

  • Repeat the steps until the blow wave is complete.



Step 1:        Section the hair from the temples to the top of the crown, in a triangle section and secure on top of the hair with a sectioning clip.

Step 2:        Take a vertical section from the crown down the nape, backcomb hair with tail comb from roots to mid-lengths and continue taking vertical sections and back combing towards the side hairline.

Step 3:        Leave 5cm vertical section out at the hairline.  Repeat on other side.

Step 4:        Starting on the left side, wrap and smooth hair around the head holding hair tight to scalp.  The hair should have a horizontal direction. Spray hair with hairspray over section then smooth hair at the back of the head, secure first bobby pin vertically or crisscross from the middle of the nape.

Step 5:       Working upwards, crisscross the bobby pins diagonally over each other until you reach the crown. Working downwards secure next bobby pin vertically crossing over last diagonal pin the middle of the crown.




Step 6:  Move to the right side of the head, leaving hairline section out.  Wrap and smooth the hair around the right side of the head. Spray the hair with hairspray and smooth hairline section over back combed section also with a horizontal direction. Bring section past bobby pins and holding mid-lengths twist hair upwards and place against crown, secure with bobby pin vertically, working downwards. Place ends of hair inside roll and secure with fringe pin.

Step 7:  Unclip triangle section, leaving out 5cm section across front hairline. Take horizontal sections from front hairline. Back combing to mid-lengths, direct section back toward crown and spray. Smooth hairline section over backcombed section. Place section over the top of roll in a circular shape continuing the direction of the roll and secure with bobby pin.

Step 8:  Finish the French Roll style by using a tail comb and hairspray to smooth out any fly away hair.

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