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Employability Skills in Hairdressing.


In hairdressing what are employability skills? All people need a set of skills and attributes that will prepare them for employment and further learning. Employability skills contain information that may assist in building learners' understanding of the hairdressing industry and salon expectations. Below are eight skills that employers want you to have whatever industry you’re working in.Using questioning and active listening to ascertain and respond to client needs to ensure clients enjoy a positive experience that reflects salon values; negotiating responsively with client to suggest new looks, products and services; ensuring and confirming client satisfaction; giving clear instructions to apprentices and other team members; regularly carrying out verbal instructions from other team members and supervisors; reading and interpreting product and tool manufacturer’s instructions and other work related documents; completing simple written workplace forms and sharing work related information with other team members. Supervising apprentices and working collaboratively with other team members; supporting the team; respecting and understanding others views; giving and receiving feedback in the context of a salon environment where employees are expected to perform their individual tasks but also look for opportunities to assist others at peak client periods and to share technical expertise. Demonstrating sensitivity to client needs and concerns, anticipating problems and acting to avoid them where possible; Solving technical and service problems in the context of a team structure where, decisions may be made independently or may be referred to another technical team member or a supervisor for support or resolution depending upon salon policy and procedures. Acting independently within the context of a team structure where some supervision may occur; regularly suggesting new hairdressing design, service and product ideas to clients. Planning and carrying out complex technical and salon tasks to accommodate salon service timelines and priorities. Understanding and following salon policies regarding work availability, rosters and work duties; working within the salon culture by practising inclusive behaviour, effective management of personal presentation, hygiene, and time; efficiently prioritising and completing delegated tasks under instruction. Identifying personal strengths and weaknesses in the context of the job role; recognising how to personally learn best at work; seeking opportunities to learn new ways of doing things; implementing changes within the context of salon procedures and wider industry product and technical developments. Using and maintaining a range of salon technology in the context of available equipment and salon procedures; recognising and reporting faulty equipment and following salon occupational health and safety procedures. 

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